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    For Therapists, Psychologists, Healthcare Professionals, and Attorneys

    What am I Missing? How to Spot Sex and Porn addiction in your clients.

    National Presentation at NAADAC 2024 Conference

    What questions are usually missed? How to formally assess for sex/porn addiction or PSB (Problematic Sexual Behavior.) The right way to approach a difficult conversation with parents and clients about PSB. When is it time to refer out? How to determine when a higher level of care is needed. What does treatment looks like, resources, and how to protect a client, even from themselves. Are you risking your license by not practicing within your scope? The laws you may not have considered as broken by a client. Why couples counseling isn’t working and why it’s not your fault. What questions should you be asking and why?

    For Everyone – Addiction Prevention & Education

    Beyond Drugs and Alcohol: The New World of Addiction

    What does substance use/problematic behavior truly look like and when does something become an addiction? When should loved ones and health professionals worry? Questions to ask most people don’t know. What is the difference between a behavior and chemical addiction? If they happen at the same time, which should we treat? What is most common misdiagnosis for behavioral addictions? What treatment really looks like and what to expect. Is “Intervention” just a t.v. show?

    For Parents/Teachers and School/College Administrators

    Not my Kid: The Scariest Sentence of All

    Most parents have done what they believe is appropriate enough to protect their children from online PSB (Problematic Sexual Behaviors.) The reality of raising kids in a digital age and what this means legally. The tricks kids taught me that that adults don’t know. The things parents almost always miss – even the ones “working in tech.” Real options and solutions. When to seek help and where to get support before it’s too late.

    Clearly communicating: Getting your message across and feeling confident

    How to improve communication skills, implement new ones and continue the generational cycle. Difficult situations, how to address them and prevent them from repeating. How to improve communication and eliminate miscommunication. The family system and why it matters.

    Leaders and Corporate Professionals

    The 5 Most Difficult People to Work with and How to Work with Them – If You Can

    How to identify difficult people. How they became difficult. What to anticipate. How to manage them. When to avoid them. How to protect yourself and avoid triggers when engaging with them.

    Boundaries as Self-limits: How to avoid confrontation when we can’t

    The reason why we struggle to say, “No.” The most important sentences to adopt into our corporate culture. Difficult conversations and confidently communicating. Setting self-limits vs. boundaries – what’s the difference?

    The CYA File: How to Cover Your A** and manage a crisis of problematic sexual behavior in the workplace

    How to support and address PSB (Problematic Sexual Behavior) in the workplace before it becomes a crisis. Being prepared as a company for a crisis when there is PSB. How to speak to employees. What your company may be missing in HR handbook that leaves you open to legal issues.