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    “Infidelity is about breaking trust by keeping sexual, emotional, financial, digital and other secrets from an intimate partner.”

    Having a therapist trained to support and understand infidelity through the lens of pornography and sexual addiction, is important for a couple to heal – whatever that looks like for you.

    “Why is couples therapy not working?”

    When trust is broken in a relationship, many couples seek out general couples therapy. Sometimes, it doesn’t work because there are secrets being held by the unfaithful person who professes to, “have fully disclosed everything.” They may truly believe they have shared everything. Unfortunately, the depth of those secrets often isn’t even understood by the unfaithful person.

    Intimacy, communication, finances, parenting, trust, sexuality, healthy boundaries, spirituality and simple day-to-day living, are all things to be figured out again. It can feel impossible and overwhelming, but this is what we are here for.

    Treatment often begins with individual therapy followed by a specialized process of healing and the establishment of trust, honesty and truth-telling in the relationship. 

    Couples therapy can be an effective and healing part of the recovery process when all the information is provided and there are absolutely no more secrets.

    Let us guide you through this process.