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    Betrayed Partners

    “I feel like I’m going crazy.”

    Infidelity can include emotional or physical cheating, internet affairs, financial deception, pornography and sexual deceit.

    Partners of sex addicts are betrayed. They can feel angry, ashamed, sad, anxious, confused, relieved, numb, furious . . . and still love the person. Loving someone with a sex addiction requires the right kind of support and understanding. It is complicated. 

    From Sex Help with Carol the Coach

    There are usually 3 options:

    1. Learn to love someone through their addiction. With the right support, building trust in a relationship after betrayal is possible.

    2.  Help you heal so you can move on from this betrayal. Healing is possible, although it may feel impossible right now. 

    3.  Support you in making no decision on the future of your relationship. Then healing, so you can make a decision later, when you are ready.

    Whatever your choice, know you have one, and we are here to help you.