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    Enmeshed Relationships

    “We do this work to break generational trauma chains.”

    An enmeshed relationship means you feels guilty and responsible for the well being of a parent, spouse or child at the cost of your own needs, wants and desires. This is often at the cost of another close relationship, especially a partner. Learning to recognize and build a separate life while still loving and caring for another is possible.

    Michelle works closely with, and has been trained by Dr. Ken Adams as a Preferred Provider, to recognize and treat enmeshment and heal close relationships.

    Enmeshed Men

    Although boys can become enmeshed with either mother or father, typically, boys become enmeshed with their mothers. He likely does not recognize that his needs and wants have merged with hers.

    He may feel burdened, smothered, infantilized, guilty and disloyal to his mother. He does not recognize he has played the role of a surrogate, emotional companion for his mother.

    Common indications of an enmeshed man may include:

    Spouse feels “second fiddle” to parent

    Caretaking of parent becomes central to his identity

    Unable to make or keep male friendships, but has many female friends

    Choosing a romantic partner that does not threaten the relationship with the parent

    Sexually shut down or avoidant, commitment issues in relationships

    Immature, teenage identity needing to caretake or needing to be taken care of

    Victim behavior

    Compulsive sexual behaviors or other addictions as a way to express resentment

    Choosing a career to please a parent

    Overcompensation at work to avoid feelings of disappointment


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    It is possible to break free of these feelings and traits and love your parent. There is hope.