Regarding Finances

My services have a broad price range to meet your needs. My fees are related to the type of counseling service the client needs and whether the service involves just an individual, a group, a couple or the whole family. I want to be a resource for anyone seeking counseling. I also realize that finances can be a deciding factor as to whether or not a person will pursue counseling. 

What are your rates?

Fees range from $60-$175 per session. My fees may vary according to the type of service the client needs; traditional or intensive therapy services for an individual, couple, group or the whole family may also be a factor.


At this time, I do not accept insurance or Medicaid, however, I will provide SuperBil's for out of network reimbursement. Read more about the advantages of paying privately here.

Forms of Payment

I accept checks, cash, and major credit cards including Mastercard and Visa. All payments must be made at the time of service. In addition, I can provide appropriate documentation which will allow you to file for reimbursement with your insurance carrier, should you have insurance that covers services provided by your therapist.