What Life Healing Counseling Offers You

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations." - Unknown

Individual Therapy

Individual support is essential to healing addiction and the traumas associated with it. Using evidence-based models, empathy and a safe, non-judgemental space, I provide individualized treatment planning, because every person, and their story, is unique.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is powerful. It is often the first time an addict realizes, "I'm not the only one." I offer both male and female sex/porn addiction groups, partner groups, and substance addiction groups. 

Partner Therapy

It is traumatic to discovering a spouse’s infidelity — whether for the 1st or 20th time.  You may feel betrayal, anger and grief. These feelings are challenging, especially if your spouse insists you are overreacting. As a partner, you will need support as you work through shock and confusion. 

Drug and Alcohol Treatment

One of the bravest and scariest things someone can do is admit they need help. Whether this is your first rodeo, your 200th relapse, or you are in recovery and just need some support to maintain your sobriety, expect a non-judgemental environment and effective treatment plan using proven approaches and modalities.

Family Members

Addiction is a family disease, and everyone needs support. Loving someone with an addiction can feel lonely, scary and desperate. Fear, shame, guilt and anger are all emotions many loved ones feel, even if their addict has yet to admit there is a problem. No one should have to cope with an addiction alone. 

Trauma-focused Therapy

Trauma-focused therapy is a cognitive behavioral therapy that addresses the specific emotional and mental health needs of individuals and families who are struggling to overcome the destructive effects of early trauma, especially abuse, violence or grief.