Why Mint Hill?

I opened Life Healing Counseling in Mint Hill, NC for four reasons:

  1. There is a need. Providing accessible therapy and education around mental health and addiction can reduce the stigmas surrounding mental illness,  encouraging more folks to get help. 
  2. I was continuously hearing and having conversations about teenagers seeing pornography for the first time, needles being found in booths at local restaurants, pills stolen from older folks, chronic infidelity, drinking and driving, and parents admitting in disbelief their child was an addict and they had no clue.
  3. I wanted to work in the community where I live. Change begins at home. I can talk about helping the citizens of our town, or I can become actively involved in its citizens' welfare.
  4. There is a need (it needs to be said twice). I have yet to meet anyone not touched by mental health or addiction. Whether it's a family member, partner, or just someone you know through someone else, these issues are all around us, even in Mint Hill.