Presentations and Community Education

Contact me to schedule an educational presentation. Some presentations are pro bono.

Whether you are an educator, religious leader, religious group, teacher, parent group, school or professional clinician, I am available for presentations and educational speaking engagements. Below are some examples of my most popular subjects:

My kid saw porn - now what?

For parents, teachers, educators, religious groups, tweens and teens, and clinicians. One in 10 kids under the age of 10 have seen porn, and the average age for the first time seeing porn is 11 years old. Pornography is at the touch of a button and available through any phone or device. So, what should a parent do when they find out their kids saw porn? How can parents help prevent kids from seeing it at all? You may be putting limits on which websites are accessible for your own child, but any friend can say, "Hey, look at this!" The days of Playboys under the mattress are over.

Sex Addiction 101

For mental health professionals and laypeople. What is sex addiction? Is it real or just an excuse to cheat? How does it affect the brain? How do we recognize it? How do we treat it? What causes it? Can it be prevented? What's the difference between sex offenders and sex addicts? All these questions are answered and more in this presentation. 

Why can't my partner get over it already?

For the person with addiction and/or their partner or loved ones. You may be doing everything right - working your recovery program, going to meetings, seeing your therapist, trying to change, but your partner just can't let it go. Learn why, how to encourage healthy intimacy and how to rebuild trust in your relationship.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction 101

For educators, parent groups, teens about to go to college, tweens in middle school, religious leaders/religious groups, families, and clinicians. The opioid crisis is getting a lot of media attention, but what is really going on in the world of drugs and alcohol? Why are so many people dying now? What does addiction and alcoholism really look like? How do we recognize it? How is it treated? How do we talk to our kids about addiction? What are designer drugs? What drugs are actually addictive and what are gateway drugs?